12″ Behemoth Chopper

They’re made of CPM 3V at HRC 60.5 with the Delta heat treat protocol that I believe is the finest heat treat for this material available anywhere. This is an exceptional knife with a combination of toughness and edge retention that will blow your mind.

The hand grip works as a heavy camp knife when held towards the front with good balance and dexterity. When held towards the back it fully fills the hand and offers control and reduced hand fatigue for extended hard chopping. Like the HDFK before it, the handle on the new BC is the product of a long iterative process of testing and development. It will impress you.

The Behemoth Chopper is well balanced and reasonably light for a knife this size.

This is a BIG DAMN KNIFE. It’s difficult to understand the size of this thing looking at the pictures.

The primary grind geometry, edge thickness and edge angle are tuned to be a good effective cutter so it bites hard and deep, but I left enough meat in there so it’s not fragile and it will tolerate rough use.

This knife performs. I can get through a 2X4 in five whacks with one of these. I can’t do that with anything else I’ve tried.

It has a forward lanyard hole (as used in competition cuts, though this knife is not competition legal) and a hidden rear lanyard hole.

Delta 3V, 60.5 HRC, .250 thick at ricasso (1/4″)
Total length 17.75″
Blade length 12.0″
Weight 24.5 oz
Edge angle 20 DPS
.035″ BTE
Grippy 3D machined scales in micarta or TeroTuf
Black oxide treated 18-8 stainless steel fasteners
Hidden lanyard

These are all Field Grade- as machined and stonewashed with tool and grind marks.

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