6″ Vegetable Knife

(AKA The Potato Annihilator)

6″ Vegetable Knife is an affordable, no frills, single bevel vegetable knife pattern designed for aggressive food release on sticky foods like potatoes and carrots etc. It is intended to leave a neat manageable stack of food rather than strewing it across the cutting board. It can also be used to slice fish and other delicate foods that need an extremely sharp fine edge.

This is not a general purpose knife for everyone. The edge is thin enough to be flexed on your thumb nail. It should not be used on bone or against glass or ceramic cutting boards. It is for right handed use.

The “grind” is scalloped and is a tall thin parabola that is a conventional flat grind at the bottom that develops increasing curvature as it approaches the top of the grind. This kicks food off and reduces the adhesion that causes slices of food to march up and go over the top of the blade. This is a single bevel hollow ground kitchen knife whose geometry is similar to a one sided straight razor, so it is not intended for use on things like slicing up a melon where you’d want a narrow spine and low drag for the rind. The geometry is more extreme at the heel of the blade where you’ll do most of your chopping and more conventional towards the tip for regular slicing with the point.

The final edge is applied by hand on oil stones. Being single bevel, the flat side is honed flat, or nearly flat, to the stone and will have some minor scuffs from sharpening.

The steel is AEB-L at HRC 61-62. This is a clean, fine grained, stainless steel with a relatively low chromium content and almost no carbide so it behaves very much like a simple carbon steel. These went into full cryo as part of the quench which, in this steel, eliminates structures that cause issues with fine edge stability associated with stainless.

The handle is two part construction hidden tang. In addition to the visible cutlery rivets there are internal “epoxy rivets” and a hidden metal pin. The blade/ferrule/handle transition is sealed with Acraglas resin. The ferrule is internally knurled and bonded to the G10 scales, it will not come loose over time.

There is no maker’s mark. Our mark is normally milled into the blade. It was left off for food hygiene because it’s relatively deep.

The materials and construction will survive a trip though the dishwasher.

The knife balances on the ferrule.

Vegetable Knife specs:
1/8″ AEB-L tested HRC 61-62
Total length 11″
Blade length 6″
Weight 6.7 oz
G10 handle
304 stainless ferrule


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