Shiv 2.0

(pictures and additional information coming in 2023)

The 8″ Shiv is a titan in the history of CPK classics. If you’ve never held one, you should, it is a brilliant knife/weapon. It is not light and lively like an ABS “fighter”, it is light with weight on the ends. It’s a robust stabbing weapon that can easily defeat thick clothing and Kevlar body armor, and a modern combat knife intended for reliable hard work in difficult conditions. These were originally made during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is long, narrow and 1/4″ thick Delta 3V with a reinforced in-line point (thick diamond shaped cross section) skeletonized tang and functional deep fullers. It balances directly ahead of the guard. It was made to stab in a straight line, resist deflection, and was originally intended to pry open a glove box, open holes in a masonry wall, and breach a door and the fellow behind it.

The guard is large and is designed to fit the hand and thumb when held at 45 degrees across the palm in a saber grip and also aligns perfectly with your hand when held in a reverse grip. The grip is designed to be spun in the hand into a reverse grip and for the thumb to go over the end. This fits a large hand.

The grip on the UF was derived from the Shiv, and now the grip on the Shiv is derived from the updated UF. But without the compromises in geometry to keep it compact and help it lay flat. The grip is thicker and more pronounced so the knife will remain aligned with your arm and point straight. With some use you will know exactly where the point is with your eyes closed, reverse or forward.

There are some updates with the new release of this classic pattern. Compared to the original Shiv, there is the thumb ramp jimping and deep chamfers we have become known for (these are found on some of the later production OG Shivs). The finger guard is a little bigger. The heat treat is now our fully optimized Delta Heat Treat (an early version of this was also found on the last few OG Shivs to leave the shop, though they were un-marked.) The hand grip has been tweaked a little. The primary grind has been narrowed a hair and the fuller has been adjusted to compensate (I’m keeping the weight and balance roughly the same through the distribution of material and the sectional modulus is basically unchanged). I’m stretching the point out 1/2″ to give it a full 8″ edge length rather than 8″ tip to scale. Due to advances in our heat treat, the edge is now sharpened at 20 DPS rather than the original 22.

A side effect of this heat treat is a higher percentage of free chromium, so although it is not stainless, it is nearly so.

13.25″ total length
8.0″ blade length
12.0 ounces
Delta 3V
.250″ thick
20 DPS

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