Super Duty Field Knife (SDFK)

This is a full 1/4″ of Delta 3V goodness

Despite the significant amount of blade on this fat girl it does just balance on the first finger. The handle is designed to accommodate a three-finger grip to get a little extra length for some use as a small chopper.

Highly corrosion resistant (for a tool steel), good abrasive wear resistance, practically unbreakable, and with the Delta heat treat it has good edge stability and will remain sharp in all kinds of crazy use that would wreck most knives. Comes with one of the best sheaths in the business.

Despite being practically unbreakable, our primary grind geometry isn’t overly obtuse and our thickness behind the edge is pretty reasonable. These knives cut like you would expect from us. We know what we’re doing.

Available in Basic and Signature series.

12.25″ total length
7″ blade length
17.0 oz Basic series, 14.8 oz Signature
Delta 3V
.25″ thick
22 DPS
HRC 60.5

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