We have started putting knives on the website and have gotten a good response, thank you!  Something you should know about the knives on the website is that all of the knives that show as available on the website have been built and are wrapped up and ready to go.  This means I can ship your knife the same or next day in most cases, but it also means that I cannot take requests for different scales, hardware, sheaths…  Right now, I have been adding inventory randomly when I have it ready.  Eventually, I will probably try to be more consistent with my postings, but for now, I am just trying to keep something out there.

As Nathan has shared on Bladeforums, we had a machine bite the dust a week and a half ago.  Later this week we will be moving in a new machine, so please once again bear with us as we navigate this disruption.

Our K18 preorder is over half complete and we are working to get finished as soon as possible.  Since Nathan is sharpening all of these, it is taking a while, but they are coming along.

On another note, Bladesports is back up and running (at least temporarily).  If you will be in the Pigeon Forge area September 25th, stop by the Iron Mountain Cutting Competition taking place at the Iron Mountain Metal Craft Grudge Match.  Ben and I plan to be there!  There will also be a competition October 16th at Smoky Mountain Knife Works if you are interested.

That’s all for now.  Talk to you in October!